Clayton's Priorities


Public Safety

San Antonio’s crime rate is unacceptable.  While we hear about record murder rates, property crime and mail theft are also on the increase.  My first priority is to fully staff our police force and get crime under control.  I will push for more cadet academies to fill vacancies, incentivize retirees to stay on longer, and will make sure District 10 resources stay in District 10

Tax Relief

For three years in a row, property taxes have skyrocketed and the city has done nothing to provide relief.  I will fight to reduce the city's property tax rate to offset out of control valuations by the Bexar Appraisal District.  San Antonio needs to live within its means and not view high property valuations as a windfall to fund more pet projects.

SAWS & CPS Rate Increases

Every year our utilities ask for large rate increases and every year City Council votes in favor of them.  I will be the voice that pushes back and demand belt tightening and efficiency efforts take place at SAWS and CPS before rate increases are considered.

road repair.jpg

Road Repair

District 10 was nearly last in bond funding, despite having tremendous needs for road expansion and basic maintenance.  I will demand District 10 receive the budget funds it needs to repair our crumbling roads and work with outside agencies to secure state and federal funds to complete critical projects such as Harry Wurzbach and Bulverde Road.



Our Military

When elected, I will be the only sitting City Councilperson with a military background. As we all remember,  San Antonio’s economy was devastated when BRAC closed Kelley and Brooks Air Force Bases.  I will work to improve relations with our local military bases and with leadership in Washington to ensure that San Antonio remains Military USA and that we protect our local military missions.  San Antonio cannot afford to lose another base.


Emergency Response Times

The northern section of District 10 suffers from dramatically longer response times than other sections of the city for EMS and Fire.  I will work to get the proper resources in place so that our citizens are not left waiting.  In a medical crisis, every minute matters, especially for our seniors.



Street Car

Once and for all, no streetcars:  Yes, streetcar is still alive.  VIA’s new 2040 plan, which is part of the SA Tomorrow plan that City Council voted on, still has $5 Billion in streetcar and light rail as part of the plan. That means millions of more taxpayer dollars going to feasibility and engineering studies for street cars as part of San Antonio’s master plan.  It is time for VIA and the City to listen to the voters, drop this proposal from the master plan, and work on other solutions for transportation.